Album Release in Barnes and Noble!

So on October 28th, the brand new EP came out. It was hands down the most fruitful, rewarding thing I’ve ever accomplished…until the Clay Barnes and Noble that I’ve grown up in decided to carry it in their store.


That’s right, you can now buy my EP for $7.99 at Barnes and Noble in Clay, NY-I’m in the country section right next to Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. (No big deal, it’s not like they’re legends or anything.)

If you guys like my music, go check it out-maybe grab a book and get a bite to eat in their cafe, too! It really is the best atmosphere and it’s incredible that my favorite bookstore has decided to support me like this. Thank you, Barnes and Noble, for making this crazy dream come true on step at a time.

Go get it, you guys!


-Savannah xX

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