I’ve partnered with JoJo Rings and Grassroots Music Foundation

For the month of July, I’ve partnered up with JoJo Rings and Grassroots Music Foundation to help angels like Kaldyn.
I’m beyond honored that I get to work with both of these names because JoJo Rings is the most unique company I’ve ever come across (not to mention, their jewelry is insanely cool) and Grassroots Music Foundation has a permanent place in my heart after meeting sweet Kaldyn and realizing that they’re helping children all over America just like him.
With every purchase, JoJo rings gives $5 to this nonprofit organization (there’s a new one every month) and helps raise awareness/build music rooms in hospitals across the country. Thank you for choosing me to partner up with. I hope we can change as many lives a we possibly can. 
Click the link below to purchase an extremely unique piece of jewelry made out of 100% recycled keys and help give back to the Grassroots Foundation. Sidenote: I’ll be performing for Kaldyn in September at the Broken Spoke Saloon in Nashville, TN. We think of you everyday, little guy. I won’t ever be able to sing My Wish without thinking about you.

-S xX


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